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7L Networks rides Toronto’s start-up wave with specialized contracts

We acknowledge that a large majority of hosting companies do not make their customers sign annual contracts. This is due in part to the highly competitive nature of the hosting industry as a whole. Software developers are building at such a rapid pace, iteration of ideas has become incredibly important. We have had the pleasure

Interview with Dominic, Junior Systems Ninja

It has been a while since we posted the first interview with one of 7L’s awesome team members. Today is the day we resume our new interview series and introduce one of our newbies: Dominic loves the Big Bang Theory, gaming, and pretty much everything that’s related to computers…     What is your role

Welcome IPv6, the enabler of a larger version of the Internet

“Today is the launch day of IPv6”. This statement made the headlines in the news all over the world, today. Articles are concerned how tech companies deal with the adoption of the new protocol and how it impacts data centre providers. But what does the launch IPv6 actually mean?     Nowadays, there are billions